Affiliates & JVs - Information

​Earn up to 50% commission plus bonuses promoting our courses.

​​You are invited to​ promote our courses. You can enrol here to become an affiliate.

Each product / funnel has its own affiliate tools page which features graphics, swipes and all the relevant information. We are in the process of creating the pages. They will be added here as soon as they become available.  See Affiliate Tools & Information Pages below.

​There is detailed information below on various aspects of promoting our products. However, we realise that it is not possible to cover every aspect, so welcome any questions and requests for more details and training.

We may be creating affiliate training videos or live streams. Links will be posted here later if or when it happens.

​Feel free to get in touch with us any time: [email protected].

​Affiliate Tools

​Email swipes, banners and social media graphics can be found on the affiliate tools pages for the product funnels you want to promote:

​1. Mineral Healing Recipe Book Funnel - Affiliate Tools Pages Links

​​​Custom ​Tools

​You can create your own tools which might ​be more fitting for your audience type. If you have a large audience​ which you think would respond better to ​a specific banner or graphic ​please ​send us the wording and the graphic you want to us and we will consider creating a custom graphic for you. If you want to create your own landing page we will be happy to supply you with the graphics we have used on our pages. We also advise that you add your own bonuses as an extra incentive for your customers.

​​Affiliate Terms of Service

For a full list of affiliate T&Cs please refer ​to the Affiliate TOS page.


  • At Pure Nature Cures, we believe in generously rewarding our partners. You can earn up to 50% promoting our online courses.

  • The commission scale starts from 40% and goes up to 50% for the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages - depending on a number of sales. You receive 40% for the first 5 paid sales, 45% for the next 5 paid sales, and 50% thereafter.

  • For the Platinum package, the commission starts at 25% for the first 5 paid sales and 30% thereafter. The reason for it is that it includes the practical module which requires a substantial investment of time and money on our part. The Practical module is only available to study in London, UK. You can read the full Terms of Service for affiliates here.

  • The commission payments are made 45 days in arrears to allow for rare cases of cancellation. If a client cancels after you have been paid, the commission amount will be withheld from a future payment. You will, of course, receive a notification proof of cancellation if it happens. The reason for it is that PayPal which we use to process the payments has 180 days refund terms (6 months). However, cases of late cancellations are very rare and we believe that they are unlikely to happen.

  • ​​​Commissions will be paid via PayPal ​45 days after a purchase to allow for possible but rare cancellations.

  • We will use our discretion to adjust our payment terms for tested and trusted affiliates.