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Subject line:  ​​​​​Feeling ​
​Hi there,

​​We all feel achy from time to time. Sometimes the reason is a "pulled" muscle,  a "slipped" disk, exercising too vigorously or too much, or just old age creeping in.

What do we normally do to get rid of the pain? We reach for painkillers. Sometimes it's paracetomol. Sometimes ibuprofen. Sometimes steroids. And in severe cases, opioids.

All of these have well-known and sometimes long-lasting side-effects.

Can we find a natural alternative to painkillers? Of course. There are quite a few. Both magnesium and far infrared feature high on the list. Combined together, they work wonders.

​In this course, you will learn how these two components can help relieve pain, tension, cramps, inflammations and feel our best in no time.  ​The treatment and has been ​used on a number of people with amazing results.


​​Whether you are a practising therapist and want to help your clients - or would simply like to help yourself and your family, the course has the information you need and an option​ which meets your needs.

Find out for yourself here [link]

All the best!

​[your name]

Email 2

Subject line: ​ ​​​Treat Muscle Tension, Joint Pain without Meds? 



In my previous email I invited you to study a course teaching an amazing bespoke treatment which uses magnesium salts and far infrared.

In case you haven't read it, the treatment was developedas an answer to magnesium deficiency, muscle and joint pain, anxiety, poor sleep, stress, fatigue, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and many other issues linked to magnesium deficiency.

Adding far infrared to the treatment speeds up magnesium supplementation which magnifies the effect many times.

​You can learn a lot more about what exactly magnesium and far infrared do for us by signing up to the Far Infrared Magnesium ​ Wrap Therapy course.

​In it you will find a detailed overview of symptoms and reasons of magnesium deficiency and the fastest way to address it. 

​​Who is it suitable for? 

There are 3 options which allow both therapists and members of the public to study the course. You can choose to study it entirely online or add an offline practical module to your studies as well (if you are happy to come to London). 

​Why should you join?

Therapists - add an exciting new therapy to your list in order to help your clients manage their health more efficiently.

​​Members of the public - learn how to help yourself and family members manage physical and mental life challenges.

​Magnesium is the mineral which we can't have enough of, and the best way to supplement it is through the skin​. Far Infrared Magnesium Wrap will help you do it in no time - at home or in a therapy clinic.

​Start learning [link]

​Catch up later! :)

[Your name]

Email 3

Subject line: ​ ​Everyone needs to know this secret ​for looking & feeling young...


Today I'd like to share with you a well-kept secret to staying and feeling young. But first should tell you what happens to our body when we age, and why.

First, the ability of body cells to divide and grow is limited by time. This process is called ​senescence.  As we grow older,  senescence slows down.

​Scientific studies have established that ​the older we are, the more prone we are to magnesium deficiency. ​This results in the ageing of all the body systems and deterioration of its functions.

​Central and periprheral nervous systems suffer the most. We develop anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, headaches, lightheadedness, nervous fits, feelings of fear and disorientation. 

Other symptoms may include pins and needles, cramps, joint pain, osteoporosis, chest pain, hypertension, extra systoles, high cholesterol and unstable blood sugar.

Research has shown that all of these symptoms are connected with magnesium deficiency which is both a symptom and a cause of ageing.

The other thing to mention is tissue calcification which leads to cell rigidity, ageing and death.

​The French researcher Dr Pierre Delbet who practised in the early 1900 concluded that ageing body cells contain 3 times more calcium than magnesium. ​This happens when the calcium comes into the cell but doesn't come out because there is not enough magnesium to balance it.  As a result, the powerhouse of the cell - the mitochondria - become calcified and the cell dies.

​Calcification affects ​the nervous, vascular, organ and epithelial (skin) cells when magnesium is deficient. We age internally and in appearance. 

Research has concluded that supplementing magnesium regularly helps  to not only slow down, but reverse the process of ageing.

I have decided to give you this much information not only to inspire hope, but also to give you an insight into the miracle mineral that magnesium is.

​And you can find more about it by studying the Far Infrared Magnesium Wrap Course ​

Not only does it give a detailed overview of the mineral and its benefits - it also shows ways to supplement magnesium ​quickly and efficiently, through the skin, adding the magic warmth and healing power of far infrared. 

​At the moment, the course is being offered at a special discounted price  and you can choose from buying 3 options.  

​​​Whether you are a practising therapist and want to help your clients - or would simply like to help yourself and your family, the course has the information you need and an option​ which meets your needs.

The best thing is - you can get certified as a Practitioner so that you can offer the treatment to your clients. If you are learning for yourself you will still get a Certificate of Completion.

Find out for yourself here


All the best!

​[your name]

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