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I've been researching benefits of using minerals for health for over 15 years. As a result of my research, I've found out that...

  • ​Green clay has been used by researchers & doctors to neutralise MRSA bacteria and treat patients with flesh-eating Buruli ulcers.
  • ​Magnesium plays an important role in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes, as well as diabetes and weight issues.
  • ​A clay-like mineral called "zeolite" was given to the Chernobyl disaster victims in order to minimize damaging effects of radiation.
  • ​Dead Sea salt is being used by medical spas to treat eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • ​Diatomaceous earth is used by many as an anti-parasiteinsecticidedetoxifying substance. *

​I wanted to share what I'd learned with others, to help people see how many problems can be addressed by using humble clays, salts, muds and other minerals. This is how this book ​was created. ​And I am inviting you to promote it. Do you think that your audience could benefit? If the answer is yes - keep reading. 

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​Email 1

Subject line:  Zeolite - natural magnet for heavy and radioactive metals?

​If you have read the free "Mineral Healing" report then you must have an idea about  ​health-boosting properties of clay, mud, salts, zeolite and diatomaceous earth
and why these should be of interest to all who care about their health.

​While "Mineral Healing" can be seen as an introduction to minerals for health​,
Galina has recently written a practical guide about how minerals can serve us.

She wrote the book because she has been asked by many of her clients and customers how they can use minerals in their everyday life - to keep themselves in good health​.

​This new guide can help anyone who is interested in learning how minerals can be used to reduce inflammations, aches and pains, detoxify the body, help keep the skin in good health, gardens and home free from insects and much more - without having to use chemical-filled products.

To make it even easier, Galina has also created 5 mondmaps as a reference to help you find information quickly and easily. The mindmaps include description of which minerals
can be used for which problem, types and description of procedures and more.

At the moment the price of the book and mindmap is $17 (which is much below
the estimated value of $47). You can also opt in to buy only the guide or only the mindmaps. However, the book and mindmaps complement each other perfectly, so I suggest you invest in both.


If you are fed up relying on medications for every little issue and would like to explore
healing minerals which NO OTHER SOURCE talks about in as much detail as Galina's,
then this is for you.

You see - she has been researching minerals and mineral healing for many years and has collected  vast information on the subject. I can assure you - I have not come across any other researcher who have spent as much time and energy learning and writing about mineral healing.

You can pick up your copy of "Mineral Healing Recipe Guide" and the 5 mindmaps here:

By the way, do you know that zeolite was the first mineral - alongside clays - used to
minimise effects of radiation and heavy metal toxicity during the Chernobyl disaster? And that it is being used by the militaries worldwide for the same purpose? I thought you'd be interested to know.

Find out how you can use it for yourself - [link]

All the  best,

[Your name]

Email 2

Subject line: Magnesium - Is It Really a Life Saviour?


In my last email I was telling you about Mineral Healing Recpe Book written by Galina St George. The purpose of the book is to help you learn about using salts, clays, mud, zeolite and diatomaceous earth at home ​in order to deal with various health issues. I hope you've had a chance to take a look at it.


If not, let me tell you more about how minerals can help us heal. Today we will focus on magnesium.  Here are a few facts about this 4th most abundant mineral in our body:

1. It takes part in over 300 chemical reactions which help to sustain life;
2. It is the necessary spark needed by every cell to create energy;
3. It is used in emergency rooms to save lives of heart attack patients;
4. Magnesium deficiency is one of the main causes of Type 2 diabetes;
5. It keeps us relaxed mentally and physically, including at night!

Magnesium is involved in so many processes and functions that even slight deficiency leads to serious health problems. This is why we need to make sure that we never develop this deficiency.

The best way to supplement it is through the skin - transdermally. This helps to deliver it to the cellsin the fastest possible time.

To learn how you can boost your health by supplementing magnesium quickly and without side-effects that oral supplementation can sometimes bring, pick up ​the Mineral Healing Recipe Guide here:


There is that and a lot more about using minerals for health. And best of all - you can do it at home!

Stay well! :)

[Your name]

Email 3

Subject line: An insecticide you can eat to help your hair grow?!

In my previous email I was telling you about "Mineral Healing Recipe Book" [link]
and mentioned magnesium and its health boosting properties... Today I'd like to talk
about DE - short for Diatomaceous Earth.

You may or may not have heard about it. It is light as a feather, white, has no taste
and very easy to just blow around the place with a careless sneeze! :)

DE is almost 100% silicium oxide (otherwise known as 'silica'). I mean the product
from South America. It's the best one to buy and use. Avoid the European types
unless you intend to use it in agriculture (chicken pens etc).

Food grade DE (the one from South America) is becoming increasingly popular
not only with industry users, but with people like you and me too.

Many people buy it for detox and to help keep my bood sugar stable. Others also want
to improve hair and nails. And to keep parasites away. Some use it on their pets -
against fleas and worms. And gardens too - to keep slugs and snails out!

Find out how you can use DE from "Mineral Healing Recipe Book" and 5 mindmaps:

If you don't like mindmaps, there is an option to buy just the book. You will also find
loads of information about how to use other minerals for health, as well as at home,
in your garden and to keep your pets healthy and free from insects and parasites.

Pick up the book here: [link].

All the best,

[Your name]


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