​Far Infrared Rejuvenating ​Seaweed Wrap Course 

Far Infrared Rejuvenating Seaweed Wrap

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Subject line:  ​​​​​90-minute rejuvenation that works deeper than the skin
​​We all dream of looking and feeling young for as long as we live, don't we? Unfortunately, time takes its toll on us. And while our mental state depends on our attitude and desire not to give up, the body and especially the skin do need help. 

​Most of us let nature take its course. Some resort to cosmetic procedures, at times rather invasive. While this is not meant to be a judgmental question, but wouldn't we all want to avoid such procedures and use natural, non-invasive methods to help us feel good and look young?

This is what the Far Infrared Remineralising & Rejuvenating Seaweed Wrap aims to help with.  While it's not meant to be a miracle treatment, it's very powerful.

It uses seaweed, magnesium salts and clays to detoxify the body and enrich it with what it needs to stay young. The use of far infrared helps to speed up the process.

Whether you are a practising therapist and want to help your clients - or would simply like to help yourself and your family, the course has the information you need and an option​ which meets your needs.

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Subject line: ​ ​​​Rejuvenation without injections


In my previous email I invited you to study a course teaching an amazing bespoke treatment which uses mineral-rich substances such as seaweed, clays and magnesium salts ​to help rejuvenate the skin while rejuvenating the body at the same time.​

Adding far infrared to the treatment speeds up magnesium supplementation which magnifies the effect many times.

​You can learn a lot more about what exactly magnesium and far infrared do for us by signing up to the Far Infrared ​Remineralising & Rejuvenating Seaweed Wrap Course.

​In it you will find a detailed overview of ​how and why we age and how providing the body with the right nourishment while assisting it with the removal of toxic waste can help rejuvenate the body making the skin look younger in the process.

​​Who is it suitable for? 

There are 3 options which allow both therapists and members of the public to study the course. You can choose to study it entirely online or add an offline practical module to your studies as well (if you are happy to come to London). 

​Why should you join?

Therapists - add an exciting new therapy to your list in order to help your clients ​stay young the most natural and pleasant way - without spending a fortune in the process.

Members of the public - learn how to help yourself and family ​do the same.

The best thing is - you can get certified as a Practitioner so that you can offer the treatment to your clients. If you are learning for yourself you will still get a Certificate of Completion.

​​​Sign up and start learning


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