​Find out how you can turbo charge your weight loss and boost health at the same time. Starting today.

Attention serial dieter! Are you one of those people who's tried every possible diet in the book of diets in order to shed those annoying extra pounds? 

Have you succeeded for a brief period of time - only to gain those pounds back (and even more!) a few weeks later? I've been there myself many times! 

​You eat the right foods, right quantities, you exercise, and still not losing weight. Why could it be?

I've been there. I've eaten the right foods, I exercised, I was restricting my portions, counting calories. I would lose a few pounds and then gain even more again just a few weeks later.  My diet plans were failing all the time.  So I started researching... 

I've learned to understand that there is a lot more to losing weight and maintaining the loss than simply cutting down on calories, starting yet another exotic diet or doing exercise. After all, we cannot exercise when we are flat tired! 

So I've started researching what affects our energy levels and have come to interesting conclusions.  

​This is what I've learned... I've learned that apart from the usual "suspects", such as overeating, poor food combination, lack of proper nutrients, too much sugar, too much stress, our metabolism, energy and weight depend on how "clean" our body is of toxins and all the rubbish we accummulate over the years.  

​Here is an example which is easy to understand. If you run a car without giving it regular service - what happens to it? Right, it gets dirty, clogged, and eventually dies. 

Our body is the same. If we don't look after it, if we keep piling it up with toxins by making bad choices or simply by living in a polluted environment, eventually ​we will start becoming unhealthy.

​It starts getting clogged with all the bad stuff we get from food, products we use, smoking, alcohol, drugs, as well as sedentary lifestyle and factors which we cannot control, such as our environment. 

And when our body gets clogged up with all sorts of "rubbish" which stops things moving, how can it "fire on all cylinders" - as it used to when we were young?

Weight Loss through Detox

​In order for us to regain our energy we should give our body some help. It should include a number of things, one of which would be giving it a cleanse from the toxins which slow it down and deprives us of energy we need in order to start losing weight. ​Some of these toxins include heavy metals which we absorb from food, water, air, medicine and the environment.

I have been researching clays and their properties for many years. ​Here is what I've learned:

  • ​Clays are ​very potent at absorbing heavy metals and other toxins;
  • ​The skin is a highly permeable organ. It can absorb and excrete substances.
  • ​Heat speeds this process up.
  • ​One of the best ways of "sweating" toxins out of the body is to use far infrared which penetrates deep into the body tissues and stimulates metabolic processes in them.
  • This means that detoxification can happen through the skin where far infrared would be increasing the processes inside the body and clay would be helping to 'pull out' and absorb these toxins.
  • I have also come to a conclusion that magnesium salts can get into the body tissues through the skin much faster than from supplements.
  • Magnesium is crucial for ensuring metabolism of carbohydrate, fat and protein. Insufficient magnesium content means slowing down of energy production.
  • Magnesium is also needed to help our gut - it relaxes the intestinal muscles helping elimination of all that needs to be eliminates.
  • So I developed a procedure which involves clays and far infrared. There are many other ​elements in the wrap which we will talk about inside the course.

​The Procedure

  • FIR (Far Infrared) ​​Mineral Weight Loss Wrap ​aims to address the problem of ​obesity and weight loss by cleansing the body of toxins and enabilng it to function at its optimal capacity.
  • It is part of the Far Infared range developed by ourselves as a result of years of research of detoxifying properties of minerals and far infrared.
  • The Wrap is performed using a far infrared sauna blanket and a ​clay/salt preparation.
  • Far Infrared heat penetrates the upper layers of the body, deep into the body tissues. It increases product interaction with the body and enhances its effect many times.
  • The body tissues relax. Pores open up to take in the vital ​nutrients and minerals from the products while sweating out toxins.

What Happens to the Body as a Result of the Treatment?

  • Physical relaxation of muscles and skin layers;
  • Improved blood circulation and lymph drainage due to the use of far infrared;
  • Detoxification through sweating and clay interaction with the body;
  • Softening of the skin;
  • Remineralisation due to a rich mineral content of clay and salts;
  • Imroved skin plasticity and tone as a result of the treaments;
  • "Accidental" benefits: the treatment helps with arthritis, inflammations, acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, slow metabolism, toxicity and more.

​Can I do it on myself or do I need help with it?

  • ​Although it would be more convenient to get help with it, the treatment can be done by yourself on yourself.
  • ​This is not a typical slimming wrap where bandages are used. The application is a bit messy (well, it's clay after all), but is not difficult. I have done it on myself, and so can anyone.
  • You would need to put some plastic sheet on the floor or bed if you are using a bed - to protect it. However, the benefits of the treatment are so worth all the moves!


Main Course

  • Module 1 - Course Overview, Resources, Requirements & Other Details. Student Agreement.
  • Module 2 - Excess Weight & Obesity - Facts & Reasons.
  • Module 3 -​ ​The Role of Environmental Toxins in Developing Obesity & Diabetes. Detoxification Methods.
  • Module 4 -​ ​Stress, Magnesium Deficiency & Obesity.
  • Module 5 - ​Importance of Magnesium for Health. Magnesium Supplementation Methods.
  • Module 6 - ​Magnesium Deficiency & Its Dangers to Health. The Role of Magnesium in Managing Weight.
  • Module 7 - ​​Clays - How They Work. Their Role in Detoxification. Types of Clay. Choosing Clay for Detox.
  • Module 8 - ​​Far Infrared - How It Works. How FIR Promotes Weight Loss.
  • Module 9 - The Skin - Its Structure & Functions.
  • Module 10 -  Far Infrared Mineral Weight Loss Wrap.
  • Module 11 - Weight Loss - What Works, What Doesn't, and What Works, but Is Best to Avoid.
  • Module 12 - Weight Loss - What Works, What Doesn't, and What Works, but Is Best to Avoid.
  • Module 13 - Other Important Stuff.

Add-​On Course

  • ​Health & Safety Issues. Professional, Ethical & Legal Considerations.
  • ​Case Studies & Practical Training.
  • Marketing - Making Your Business Profitable.

​Case studies

​Case studies are optional for students who learn to do treatments on themselves. Students who would like to receive the Practitioner Certificate of Completion need to submit 5 case studies throughout their course. This means treating at least 3 people in total. This will help you to learn how to do the treatment on paying clients and also ask questions which you may have in the process. The format of the case studies is provided within the course. 

Practical Traininng

While we would strongly recommend that you take the practical 4-hour training which we teach in London, UK, ​we realise that not everybody can ​attend, since our students are based all over the world.  For this reason this module is optional for all.

Learning Outcomes

  • ​Learning outcome # 1  - Understand the role of minerals and far infrared in maintaining good health and optimal weight.
  • Learning outcome # 2 - Understand reasons for weight gain and why many people fail to lose weight.
  • Learning outcome # 3 - ​Learn ​how using minerals and far infrared promote weight loss.
  • ​Learning outcome # 4 - Understand how toxins contribute to weight issues and the role of skin in detoxification and weight loss.
  • Learning outcome # 5 - Learn about contraindications to the treatment.
  • Learning outcome # 6 - Learn how to assess your clients, conduct consultation, answer client's questions and  provide treatments as a professional therapist. ​​​​
  • ​Learning outcome # 7 - Learn about contra-indications ​and safety procedures for the treament.
  • Learning outcome # 8 - Learn how you can promote the treatment to your clients.
Health & Safety Issues. Professional, Ethical & Legal Considerations.
Case Studies & Practical Training (Optional)

Learn how clays & salts can help you lose weight & why. 

​Clays & salts have long been used in natural healing ​due to their high content of minerals​ and their ability to detoxify.  ​​These properties help us ​ heal, replenish minerals and rejuvenate from inside out.

Learn how far infrared affects not just the skin, but all the body cells. 

​Far Infrared is a natural light spectrum which is invisible, but very powerful​. It penetrates through many layers of the skin right into the inner layers. This means that the whole body gets healed and rejuvenated.

Learn how to help yourself, family & paying clients. ​ 

Whether you want to help yourself, your family members or clients, you will benefit from learning how to do it using the most natural products and methods. And if you are a practising therapist, you will have a great opportunity to help your clients too.

"Absolute bliss!"

"Imagine yourself being scrubbed and massaged gently but deeply – to ease your aches and pains, then being placed in a warm cocoon for an hour or so. You are deeply relaxed, your mind is so relaxed that you are falling asleep. You are feeling so wonderful that you want it to last and last…"

- Joy Anderson (Yoga teacher)

 Properties of the Skin

The skin has 2 functions which make this therapy work

The first function is absorption. It allows the skin to absorb various substances, including ions of minerals such as magnesium.

The second function is excretion. It allows the skin to excrete various products of metabolism which the body doesn't need. Toxins are part of excreted matter.

These 2 functions of the skin make the foundation for any transdermal therapy.

Benefits of Far Infrared

Far Infrared Clay Detox Wrap

Far Infrared Rays form an invisible spectrum of sun light. Only a small part of it is used therapeutically. The human body doesn't only absorb Far Infrared rays - it produces them too.

Here are some benefits of Far Infrared:

  • It promotes detoxification of the body tissues.
  • It speeds up metabolism promoting weight loss.
  • It helps to eliminate lactic acid in the body which leads to muscle relaxation, alleviation of pain and cramps.
  • It helps to restore healthy pH.
  • It promotes tissue regeneration, which helps to revitalise appearance and restore skin elasticity, making it look younger and more radiant.
  • It promotes absorption of various substances, including ions of essential minerals.

C​ombining Transdermal Therapy & Far Infrared

​Far infrared heat is gentle, but very stimulating. ​It promotes absorption of any substances applied on the skin. In this case the products consist of a combiation of minerals which aim to absorb toxic waste and deliver minerals and other important substabces found in salts and ​other minerals.

"Wonderful, relaxing treatment, skin feels wonderful, and I am a lot less bloated. Feeling light and more energy afterwards. Thanks so much!"
- Selina Gooding (City Worker)
"Expect to sweat out a lot of water and feel thirsty afterwards. Also expect to feel and look lighter, healthier, relaxed, rejuvenated and wanting to come for more!"
- Gillian Walsh (English Teacher)

What You Are Getting

  • ​Lifetime access to the the course;
  • Tutorial support for 6 months;
  • Practitioner Certificate of Completion;
  • Facebook group membership - here you will be able to interact with other group members, ask questions, share results.
  • Free lifetime membership of the Association of Mineral & Spa Therapies;
  • Practitioner discounts on any future product launched by us or bought through us.

 Pure Nature Cures School of Mineral & Spa Therapies

  • Pure Nature Cures School of Mineral & Spa Therapies is an online and offline provider of natural health and beauty courses. We specialise in researching health and beauty properties of minerals - muds, salts and clays. All of our courses are connected with minerals.
  • We are an IICT approved training provider. Our courses have been validated either by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) or Complementary Therapists Association (CThA), or both. Our courses are offered online, offline, or as a combination of both.
  • By taking this course with us you will start developing a rewarding and lucrative career as a Mineral & Spa Therapist.  And if you intend to train in order to help yourself, we hope that you will consider it to be one of the best investments you have made.
  • You will learn to understand reasons for many health imbalances connected with magnesium deficiency and how to deal with them ​in a professional environment.
    ​This is the course developed by ourselves​. Be the first one to study it and start making a difference to your clients' lives.
  • You will gain a professional qualification supported by the Mineral Therapist Practitioner Certificate ​with an opportunity ​for continued professional development by studying further courses with us.
  • ​We are at the beta stage now with our courses, which is why they are priced at the third or even a quarter of what we believe they are worth. The prices will certainly be rising in the future. Be our beta-tester with the advantage of paying less for your certificate!​


  • You can study the course for your own needs​ or to treat paying clients​.
  • In order to receive a Practitioner Certificate, you are required to have an Anatomy & Physiology and Body Massage Qualification prior to enrolling on the course.
  • You will also need to complete 5 case studies in order to receive the Practitioner Certificate. 
  • Members of the public don't need prior qualifications to enrol, but will need to complete  2 case studies in order to qualify for the Certificate of Completion.
  • You will need to complete the course within 6 months from the date of purchase for certification purposes.
  • Complete all the quizzes and assignments for the course.
  • Certificate will be issued based on the work done.
  • You will have lifetime access to the course.
  • You can upgrade your Certificate of Completion to the Practitioner Certificate at a later stage, after you have gained required qualifications (A&P and Massage) and have done the additional work required for the Practitioner Certificate. 

Training Options

​Althhough this page is aimed at people who want to help themselves, we have also included training options for therapists. We do have a separate page specially for therapists though.

Silver Package

  1. ​Lifetime access to the online training.
  2. ​6-months online training support.
  3. ​Lifetime special prices on products and further training.
  4. ​Attendance Certificate.

Full price:   ​$177

​Promotion:  $12​​​​7

Gold Package

  1. Lifetime access to the online training.
  2. 6-months online training support.
  3. Lifetime advisory support.
  4. Facebook Group membership.
  5. Lifetime special prices on products and further training.
  6. Lifetime membership of  the Association of Mineral & Spa Therapists.
  7. Add-On Practitioner course.
  8. ​Practitioner Certificate.

Full price:   ​$257

​Promotion:  $19​​​​7

​Platinum Package

  1. Lifetime access to the online training.
  2. 6-months online training support.
  3. Lifetime advisory support.
  4. Facebook Group membership.
  5. Lifetime special prices on products and further training.
  6. Lifetime membership of  the Association of Mineral & Spa Therapists.
  7. Add-On Practitioner course.
  8. Practical ​face-to-face training.
  9. Practitioner Certificate.

Full price:   ​$​487

​Promotion:  $38​​​​7


​In the event that you decide that the course is not suitable for you, ​let us know within 7 days of purchase that you would like to cancel it, and we will issue a full refund. ​Please see our Refunds Policy for more details.

​No, thank you. However, I would like to receive updates about your other offers and pick up the free report - "First Aid Guide to Minerals".


1. We do not give any guarantees or promise miracle results with our treatments. It is important to know that the Wrap should be part of an overall weight management srtategy aimed at improving health by reducing toxicity, improving efficiency of all cells, adjusting diet and exercise, as well as reducing stress levels. The wrap is a supplementary, although very important, part of a set of weight loss measures. It is a powerful treatment to help kick-start weight loss by boosting metabolism through detox, cleansing and activation of all systems and cells.

2. While the wraps are safe for most people, there are certain contra-indications and cautions to the treatments. You will need to ask your client to consult with his or her medical practitioner if they have a medical condition, undiagnosed problem, are pregnant, undergoing a medical treatment or if you have any doubt at all. 


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