​​Are you concerned about damaging effects of heavy metals​ & radiation on your body?

Heavy Metal & Radiation Detox Therapy Course

​Would you like to learn what natural remedies can do to help reduce heavy metal and radioactive toxicity?

 We all have a headache now and again. Most of us have had a cold, viral or bacterial infection at least once in our life.  And feeling tired is normal when we are working long hours and not sleeping well. Depression is often triggered by our response to stressful events.

However, sometimes the explanation is not simple and straightforward. Sometimes these symptoms come seemingly from nowhere. They cannot be explained by too much work, sleepless nights or stress. Sometimes we need to look into what we eat, drink, breathe, the environment we live in and what effect it has on our body and mind.

As our environment is becoming more and more contaminated with ​various pollutants, the food, water and air absorb these toxic substances. Heavy metals can be found everywhere these days - in food, water, air, household products and even medicines.

Even if their levels are not excessive, some elements, like lead and mercury, are able to deposit themselves in body tissues and are then very difficult not only to get rid of, but to discover using usual tests.

Electromagnetic radiation poses another long-term, even though still poorly researched, threat to our health. We are exposed to it through mobile phones, electronic and electric equipment.

The damage caused to the body as a result accumulates over the years. This means that we should not wait to become sick, but actively seek to help the body relieve itself of these toxins.

Common Symptoms of Heavy Metals & Radiation Toxicity

  • Feeling tired all the time;
  • Poor immunity;
  • Weight gain;
  • Difficulty getting back into shape;
  • Lack of energy;
  • Depression;
  • Frequent infections;
  • Headaches, migraines;
  • Poor sleep;
  • Feeling anxious;

Dangers of Chronic or Severe Heavy Metals & Radiation Toxicity

  • Mental retardation;
  • Weakened immune system;
  • Brain damage;
  • Organ damage;
  • Cancer;
  • Low life expectancy.

Although these symptoms are extremely rare and are encountered only in very severe cases, one must be aware of them and seek medical advice as soon as possible. Don't try to diagnose or treat yourself or others!

The treatment described below is only for healthy people who wish to reduce the burden of heavy metals and radiation from the environment and help the body detoxify itself.

The Treatment

Heavy Metal & Radiation Detox Therapy Course

What Is It?

  • FIR (Far Infrared) Heavy Metal & Radiation Detox Wrap offers a fast acting, very effective, thoroughly relaxing and pleasant natural solution to back pain, aching muscles and joints, problems connected with magnesium deficiency.
  • It is part of the Far Infrared Wraps range developed by ourselves as a result of years of research of detoxifying properties of minerals and far infrared.
  • The Wrap is performed using a far infrared thermal bag/sauna and a clay-based product the aim of which is to promote heavy metal and radiation detox.
  • Far Infrared heat penetrates through the body tissues, speeding up blood circulation and lymph drainage. It also increases product interaction with the body and enhances its effect many times.
  • The body tissues relax. Pores open up to take in the vital minerals from the products while sweating out toxins.

What Happens to the Body as a Result of the Treatment?

  • ​Physical relaxation of body tissues leading to reduction in aches, pain and tension;
  • Better circulation;
  • Increased energy;
  • Improved sleep;
  • Detoxification of the body;
  • Weight loss as a result of improved metabolism;
  • Stronger immunity.

The Course

  • Module 1 - Course Overview, Resources, Requirements & Other Details. Student Agreement.
  • Module 2 - Heavy Metals & Radiation - Their Effects on Health.
  • Module 3 - Causes of Excessive Heavy Metal & Radioactive Exposure. Radiation Emergency. Acute & Chronic Radiation Sickness. What to Do in Nuclear Emergencies.
  • Module 4 - Heavy Metal & Radiation Detox - Medical & Natural Methods.
  • Module 5 - The Role of Water & Sleep in Detox.
  • Module 6 - Minerals - Magnesium Salts, Clays, Zeolite, Diatomite & Sodium Bicarbonate for Heavy Metal & Radioactive Detox.
  • Module 7 - Far Infrared - How it Works. How FIR Interacts with the Body. Its Role in Heavy Metal & Radiation Detox.
  • Module 8 - The Skin - Its Structure & Functions. The Role of the Skin in Detox.
  • Module 9 - Far Infrared Heavy Metal & Radiation Detox Mineral Therapy.
  • Module 10 - Other Important Stuff.
  • Module 11 - Marketing.
  • Module 12 - Case Studies & Practical Training.

​Why should you enrol?

Learn How Heavy Metals & Radiation Affect Our Health.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to help yourself manage problems such as aches, pain, stress and other problems which may be connected with heavy metal and radiation toxicity.  The treatment can be easily performed on oneself.

Learn How  Minerals & Far Infrared Can Promote Toxin-Free Living.

Minerals have been used by humans and animals for millennia - to heal many problems. Clays have been researched to absorb heavy metals and radioactive substances. Far Infrared, in turn, has its own powerful detoxifying properties. 

Learn to Help Yourself, Family & Clients by Using Natural Detoxification.

Whether you want to help yourself, your family or friends, you will benefit from learning how to do it using natural products and methods. And if you are a practising therapist, you will have a great opportunity to help your clients.

"Absolute bliss!"
- Joy Anderson (Yoga teacher)

How will the training benefit you?

  • A new exciting very effective treatment to perform on yourself or offer your clients;
  • You can charge higher prices for it than you would for other treatments, which means higher earnings;
  • The novelty factor excites curiosity, so can be helpful with marketing;
  • Multiple health & beauty benefits of the treatment are an attractive factor for new clients;
  • You'll get to understand reasons for many health imbalances and how to deal with them quickly and effectively, which is great for boosting confidence as a therapist, and the feeling that what you do really makes a difference;
  • You'll learn how to help yourself, family and friends when help is needed.

  What makes the treatment so effective?

 A lot depends on properties of the Skin

The skin has 2 functions which make this therapy work.

The first function is absorption. It allows the skin to absorb various substances, including ions of minerals such as magnesium.

The second function is excretion. It allows the skin to excrete various products of metabolism which the body doesn't need. Toxins are part of excreted matter.

These 2 functions of the skin make the foundation for any transdermal therapy.

Benefits of Far Infrared

Far Infrared Rays form an invisible spectrum of sun light. Only a small part of it is used therapeutically. The human body doesn't only absorb Far Infrared rays - it produces them too.

Here are some benefits of Far Infrared:

  • It promotes detoxification of the body tissues.
  • It speeds up metabolism promoting weight loss.
  • It helps to eliminate lactic acid in the body which leads to muscle relaxation, alleviation of pain and cramps.
  • It helps to restore healthy pH.
  • It promotes tissue regeneration, which helps to revitalise appearance and restore skin elasticity, making it look younger and more radiant.
  • It promotes absorption of various substances, including ions of essential minerals.

Combining Transdermal Therapy & Far Infrared

When we combine the ability of the skin to absorb with stimulating and relaxing properties of far infrared, the process of absorption speeds up. This means that magnesium and other minerals get into the body at a much faster rate. Using far infrared also promotes elimination of heavy metals and other toxins from the body.  Deep relaxation of the body and mind happens as a result.

"Wonderful, relaxing treatment, skin feels wonderful, and I am a lot less bloated. Feeling light and more energy afterwards. Thanks so much!"
- Selina Gooding (City Worker)
"Expect to sweat out a lot of water and feel thirsty afterwards. Also expect to feel and look lighter, healthier, relaxed, rejuvenated and wanting to come for more!"
- Gillian Walsh (English Teacher)

W​hat you will be getting

  • ​Lifetime access to the the theory part of the course;
  • Optional practical module;
  • Tutorial support for 6 months;
  • Optional telephone / skype consultations  during the 6 months of the course;
  • Certificate of Completion;
  • 20% Lifetime discount on magnesium salts & clays bought from us;
  • £100 off any further online mineral therapy course you decide to study with us;
  • Free lifetime membership of the Association of Mineral & Spa Therapies;
  • Practitioner discounts on any future product launched by us.

  Why Train with Us?

Pure Nature Cures School of Mineral & Spa Therapies

Pure Nature Cures School of Mineral & Spa Therapies is an online and offline provider of natural health and beauty courses. We specialise in researching health and beauty properties of minerals - muds, salts and clays. All of our courses are connected with minerals.

We are an IICT approved training provider. Our courses have been validated either by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) or Complementary Therapists Association (CThA), or both. Our courses are offered online, offline, or as a combination of both.

By taking this course with us you will start developing a rewarding and lucrative career as a Mineral & Spa Therapist.  And if you intend to train in order to help yourself, we hope that you will consider it to be one of the best investments you have made. 

  7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the event that you decide that the course is not suitable for you, we are offering 100% money back guarantee. Please let us know within 7 days of purchase that you would like to cancel it, and we will issue a full refund. You will of course miss out on the opportunity to receive ongoing support and lifetime updates to the course, with all the professional development and earning opportunities, but we will fully respect your decision. Please see our Refunds Policy for more details.


Do I need to buy the practical training module?

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Is the treatment suitable for everyone?

Is your course approved by a professional body?

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