Do you know that:

  • Green clay was used by researchers & doctors to neutralise MRSA bacteria and treat patients with flesh-eating Buruli ulcers?
  • Magnesium plays an important role in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes?
  • Zeolite and clays were thrown into the reactors and given to the Chernobyl disaster victims in order to minimize damaging effects of radiation?
  • Dead Sea salt is being used by medical spas to treat eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis?
  • Diatomaceous earth is used by many as an anti-parasiteinsecticidedetoxifying substance? *

If ​this has got your attention, keep reading.

​Learn how minerals can help us!

​​​I have a few more questions for you:

Mineral Healing Recipe Book
  • ​​​​​Are you one of those people who ​are fed up with feeling tired and being overweight, having headaches, being unable to sleep and catching infections more often than you can bear?
  • Do you believe that prevention is much better (and easier) than cure?
  • Would you agree that​ minimising exposure to toxins could be a solution to many health problems?
  • ​Are you curious enough to try something you may never have tried before to see if it might help you with ​your issues?

The Book

I have previously written an e-book - "Mineral Healing". I hope you have had a chance to read it. If not, go to the main page of this website, sign up for the mailing list and pick it up for free.

In the book I talk about minerals - clay, mud, salts, zeolite and diatomaceous earth and why they should be of interest to all who care about their health.

​While "Mineral Healing" can be seen as an introduction to minerals for health (theory), ​"Healing with Minerals Recipe Book" is a practical guide on how minerals can serve us in our life - to deal with our own health issues, to help pets and farm animals, as well as deal with problems at home, at farms and in the garden.  Yes, minerals are incredibly versatile! 

Mineral Healing Recipe Book

What Is in It?

Mineral Healing Recipes Contents 2

My Background

My name is Galina St George. I am a Natural Health Practitioner, blogger, course creator and author. I have written 5 books on the subject of mineral healing and am writing my next book now - Surviving in a Toxic World which talks in detail about toxicity in our environment and how to deal with it.

Pure Nature Cures School of Mineral & Spa Therapies specialises in offering natural health and beauty courses to natural health & beauty practitioners and membes of the public. We are an IICT approved training provider. 

Why Should You Get the Book?

  • Salts, clays, muds and other mineral substances have been used by humans and animals since prehistoric times - to deal with common health problems and even to save lives.
  • They are the most ancient natural remedies available to us.
  • They are extremely rich in the minerals needed to maintain health, beauty and vitality.
  • Many of our health problems are due to toxins accumulated by the body through its life.
  • The aim of the book is to show you how these minerals help us deal with various issues in the most natural way, through detox and re-mineralisation.
  • While minerals should not be used to replace medical treatment, they can help us strengthen our health, improve skin condition, promote weight loss and much more.
  • Minerals are successfully used in spas and resorts all over the world to deal with musculo-skeletal problems,  fertility issues, skin conditions, issues connected with circulation, and much more.

This book is a rich resource of ideas on how salts, clay, mud, zeolite and diatomaceous earth can be used ​to deal with pain, stress, fatigue, insomnia, weight problems, skin issues and much more. There is no other book which offers such a wealth of information about practical uses and applications of minerals for healing. ​​

And there is more... the mindmaps!

  • ​If you like to have all the information about mineral healing concise and in one place, then these mindmaps are for you.
  • ​I have created them to give you ​a quick reference guide on using minerals for health.
  • ​The "Healing Minerals - Overview" mindmap gives a bird's eye view of the minerals used in natural health and beauty procedures.
  • The "Magnesium Salts - Procedures" mindmap contains information about what procedures ​can be ​performed with magnesium salts.
  • The "Types of Procedures" mindmap gives a list of procedures which can be used with all the minerals.
  • The "Description of Procedures" mindmap gives detailed description of procedures which can be used with all the minerals.
  • The "Which Mineral?" mindmap lists the condititions and minerals which help to deal with them.
  • These mindmaps are a very important step towards understanding how to use minerals for health and beauty and keeping this information in one place for quick reference.

​How and when you will receive​ it

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  • ​The mindmaps ​come in a zipped folder in 2 versions - as Xmind and PNG files.
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What's the Investment?

The combined value of the book and the mindmaps is $47. At the moment you can get it at a special promotional price of only $17. Plus, you will be getting updates to the book as they are published, so do make sure to get on the product buyer mailing list on the download page. ​

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