Student Support, Issues & Gievances Policy


We aim to provide consistent professional support to our students during the time of studies. Any problems/ issues/ grievances are normally addressed straight away. Students are encouraged to submit enquries about the issues they need help with following this link.


Any issues and grievances will be considered promptly and without bias, and a solution will be offered with the aim to resolve the issue. We will do everything possible to resolve student issues and grievances quickly and efficiently. We expect students to cooperate, and present the issue they need help with clearly and concisely, in a polite and constructive way. We will not tolerate unreasonable demands, abusive and /or offensive language and behaviour, defamatory remarks and any kind of direct or indirect threats towards the Website & Business.


Despite our best intentions and efforts to offer the best level of service to our students, student support is limited by time and services we offer. Unless stated otherwise, support to students is normally offered for 6 months after the purchase of the course, which is the recommended time for completing the course. After that, support is offered at our discretion.


Student support includes assistance with understanding course materials, resolution of technical issues, completion of cases studies and assignments, assessment of quizzes, case studies, physical work, exam papers, group events (such as webinars), individual consultations relating to the course (these must be agreed and booked in advance) and all routine work expected of course providers and tutors during the allocated time of studies.


We will not offer validation of your work outside the course syllabus, medical advice, advice regarding individual cases outside your training syllabus, websites, therapy work, marketing or personal issues. We reserve the right to refuse any support or communication which we deem inappropriate. Should assistance outside the course syllabus be required, such assistance, if agreed between ourselves and the student / graduate, will incur an extra charge of £125 per hour.


We reserve the right to limit tutor support and responsibilities towards our students and graduates as we deem appropriate, at any time and to any degree, during the studies and after the course completion. We will not be held legally responsible for the outcomes of personal or professional decisions made by our students and graduates as a result of using the Website materials or any form of communication between the User and the Website Owner, or between the Website Users.