This Agreement is between you (the Website User) and us (the Website Owner). By using this website, you agree to comply with the terms of this agreement and all the policies stipulated on this website. This also includes the “Student Agreement” between the Website Owner and the Website User.


“Agreement” – “Terms” and everything stipulated herein.

“Account” – the information and credentials provided by the User to the Website for the purposes of accessing the paid and free content, as well as participate in forum discussions and receive communication from the Website Owner.

“Content” – images, text, voice recordings, video, software and other type of information and entries on the Website, downloadable or not, in any format.

“Free Content” – any information and data which can be accessed free of charge.

“Paid Content” – any information and data which can be accessed for a payment – monetary, vouchers, account credit or a combination of these, in full or by instalment.

“Training Establishment” – any individual, college, school, university or other entity the aim of which is to educate, free of charge or for a fee, face to face or via distance learning.

“Website” – www.purenaturecures.com, www.courses.purenaturecures.com and future websites which belong to the Website Owner. It also includes email addresses which contain the domain names belonging to the Website Owner.

“Website User” (“User”) – any third party accessing the paid or free content of the Website which does not represent and is not employed or acting on behalf and with explicit consent of the Website Owner.

“Website Owner” & “Business” – both terms represent the person – Galina St George and the business – Pure Nature Cures, and Pure Nature Cures School of Mineral & Spa Therapies of 6 Lower Strand, London NW9 5YY.

Should any of these names or addresses change, the terms “Website Owner” & “Business” will automatically be assigned to the new owner and/or address without further notice. It also includes persons employed or contracted by the Business to perform the Services.
Product – digital or physical, paid or free, obtained from the Business through the Website or face to face. The Product may have been created by the Business or by a 3rd party, obtained by or licensed to the Business for resale.

Purchase/Subscription – implies a digital or a physical product, bought by the User from the Website or in person from the Business, paid for in full over an agreed period of time, by installment.

Service / Services – all online and offline communication which takes place between the Website Owner and the User, subject to charges or free of charge, in any form, digital or physical – e.g. by email, online, face-to-face coaching, provision of consultations, feedback, etc.
“Intellectual Property Rights” – free and paid content, logos, images, design, software, know-how, processes, codes, trademarks, copyright, databases, patents, registered or unregistered, in physical or digital form or in the form of ideas which have not yet been recorded but shared with 3rd parties.

Intellectual Property Rights also includes other internationally recognised definitions not listed here.
Course/ Courses – a full collection of digital and/or physical information, materials, techniques and teaching methods available to students on the Website or through various forms of communication. A Course may or may not lead to a professional qualification, depending on a number of conditions.

Students – website users who have enrolled and paid to access Course materials, in digital or physical form.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

You are not allowed to reproduce in any form, share, copy, re-write, in full or in part, teach or store the Website Content in any form – digital or physical, unless given express permission by the Website Owner.

All materials and content of this Website and the Business, in its physical or digital form, including communication between you and the Business and between you and other Website Users, is intellectual property of the Website Owner/Business which is subject to protection by the International and United Kingdom Intellectual Rights Legislation.

Access to advanced software enables us to find out if our Intellectual Property Rights have been breached. Violation of Intellectual Property Rights pertaining to this Website and Business amounts to plagiarism and may involve legal action.

Some of the content on this Website involves using 3rd party content (with attribution and/or under license). No such content must be shared or reproduced by Users with reference to our Website/ Business. Where appropriate, permission must be sought from the original owners of the material, and attribution must be made to the original source. We will not be held responsible for violations of the 3rd party intellectual property rights by our Website Users.

Access to the Website Content

The terms of access to the website content are normally stipulated in the communication between the Website Owner and the User, on the website itself, or in promotional material.

Many of our courses offer lifetime access, meaning that the User will have free or paid access to the content of the course for as long as the website and business are in operation, and as long as the course remains online. This does not mean lifetime course/material support from the Website Owner which goes beyond routine technical support and assistance with using the Website and its content.

Lifetime access to the course means any future updates to the course content. If the course is terminated by the Website Owner, lifetime access will no longer be available, and your account will be removed. The termination of lifetime access once the course has been removed from the Website is totally at the discretion of the Website Owner. For this reason we suggest downloading any downloadable materials during the period of your studies.

You have the right to retain and use these materials only for yourself. They must not be shared with anyone. Should we find out that you have violated this Agreement, your right to retain the course materials will be withdrawn, and your access to the course will be terminated immediately.

Website Down Times

While we aim to maintain the website secure and running at all times, some things are beyond our control. This includes but is not limited to website down times due to technical reasons or hacking activities. In such cases there may be an interruption of service, meaning that the Website Content may not be available for some time. If this happens, we will aim to restore the Services as soon as possible, but cannot give you a time frame as to when it happens. We always encourage our Users to let us know in cases of any problems with accessing the Website.

Agreement Termination Policy

We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement with the Website Users who do not adhere to the agreement in full, without prior notice or explaining reasons for the termination.

The termination will mean that any qualifications earned will be revoked and certificates and CPD points will be invalidated, without a refund. No future services will be offered in cases of serious breaches of the Agreement.

We reserve the right to permanently remove access to Paid of Free Content in cases of violations of the Agreement, which may be followed by Legal Action.

Rude, Abusive, Defamatory Behaviour & Communication

We have zero tolerance for rude, abusive, defamatory behaviour and communication. While we encourage constructive feedback which aims to improve Website User experience, we will not tolerate abusive and defamatory remarks about our establishment, its representatives, employees and authors of the website materials, courses, website materials, events and communications conveyed to ourselves, other Website Users or third parties which do not use the Website. Cases of such behaviour and communication will inevitably mean termination of the Agreement.

Legal action may be taken as a result of rude, abusive, defamatory communication by the Website Users and Third Parties towards the Business.

Student Support, Issues & Grievances Resolution

We aim to provide consistent professional support to our students during the time of studies. Any problems/ issues/ grievances are normally addressed straight away. Students are encouraged to submit enquiries about the issues they need help with by email to: support@purenaturecures.com

Any issues and grievances will be considered promptly and without bias, and a solution will be offered with the aim to resolve the issue. We will do everything possible to resolve student issues and grievances quickly and efficiently. We expect students to cooperate, and present the issue they need help with clearly and concisely, in a polite and constructive way. We will not tolerate unreasonable demands, abusive and /or offensive language and behaviour, defamatory remarks and any kind of direct or indirect threats towards the Website & Business.

Despite our best intentions and efforts to offer the best level of service to our students, student support is limited by time and services we offer. Unless stated otherwise, support to students is normally offered for 6 months after the purchase of the course, which is the recommended time for completing the course. After that support is offered at our discretion.

Student support includes assistance with understanding course materials, resolution of technical issues, completion of cases studies and assignments, assessment of quizzes, case studies, physical work, exam papers, group events (such as webinars), individual consultations relating to the course (these must be agreed and booked in advance) and all routine work expected of course providers and tutors during the allocated time of studies.

We will not offer validation of your work outside the course syllabus, medical advice, consultations regarding individual client cases, websites, therapy work, marketing or personal issues. We reserve the right to refuse any support or communication which we deem inappropriate. Should assistance outside the course syllabus be required, such assistance, if agreed between ourselves and the student / graduate, will incur an extra charge of £125 per hour.

We reserve the right to limit tutor support and responsibilities towards our students and graduates as we deem appropriate, at any time and to any degree, during the studies and after the course completion. We will not be held legally responsible for the outcomes of personal or professional decisions made by our students and graduates as a result of using the Website materials or any form of communication between the User and the Website Owner, or between the Website Users.

Medical Disclaimer

We make no representations or guarantees in terms of medical information and research materials on this website, express or implied. All information on this Website is presented solely for educational purposes, and not with the aim to diagnose or treat any person for any medical symptom, illness or condition. None of the information, treatments and techniques presented on this Website, in written or oral communication, within our Practical modules, webinars and consultations aims to replace or teach to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Students/Graduates and other Website Users are always encouraged to seek medical diagnosis and treatment for any medical problems.

While we aim to present what we believe to be complete, accurate and true information, considering diversity of views in the medical research field we cannot guarantee that the information on this Website is always complete, accurate and true. This does exempt us of any liabilities and responsibilities which may not be excluded by applicable legislation.

It is responsibility of the Website User / Student / Graduate to assess their own / their client’s health and to make an appropriate decision regarding suitability of advice or treatment in each particular case. Written consent of the 3rd party must always be obtained before advice / treatment is provided.

We list some contra-indications to the treatments described in our course materials. However, the list is not exhaustive. The User/Student/Graduate must always make their own assessment of any conditions the 3rd party presents them with and make a decision as to whether a treatment is appropriate for a client. We will not be held responsible for 3rd party decisions, consultations, treatments or results of these which happen outside the premises and assigned time schedule of the Practical Module Course.

Professional Advice Disclaimer

Neither the information contained within this Website, nor communication between the Website Owner/ Business and Website Users in any form or on any subject – such as medicine, pharmacology, psychology, finances, commerce, marketing, taxes, accounting, must be regarded or used as substitution for professional advice.

Earnings Disclaimer

Neither the information on this Website, nor digital or other forms of communication between the Website/Business and Users/Students/Graduates aims to offer any guarantees in terms of potential earnings. You accept that financial and other type of success depends on a variety of factors, such as knowledge, skills, abilities, dedication, experience, strategies, marketing efforts, networking, spending power of your potential clients, etc. You are the only person who is responsible for your earnings and financial success. While we outline revenue potential as a result of the skills you have learned with us, we cannot give any promises or guarantees in this respect, and no statements on this website aim to mislead you in this respect.

Persons under 16

Persons under 16 years of age require their parent’s permission to use materials, treatments and techniques, as well as to receive a consultation or a treatment described on this Website. It is responsibility of a User to ensure that such permission has been obtained before a consultation or a treatment has been provided to a person who is under 16 years of age.

Personal & Professional Responsibility

You agree that are solely responsible for your own professional (public, product and any other relevant type) liability as a result of your actions. You are the only person responsible for your compliance with the law and regulations in any area of your business.

You agree that by using this Website and Course information and Services, you take full responsibility for your own decisions, actions and results of your actions towards yourself or 3rd parties. You agree to comply with laws and legislation of the country you live in. You are solely responsible for your own Professional Indemnity Insurance, National Insurance and taxes. We highly recommend that you make enquiries about membership of professional organisations and professional liability insurance before you start treating clients.
You should always work in the interests of your clients (paying or unpaying) and within the framework of legal and ethical considerations.

Personal Data & Information

Parts of the Website, such as the Member area, login, present or future chat rooms and forums, require registration, which means entering personal data, such as your name, address, email, gender, telephone number, etc. This information must always be correct, truthful and relevant to you. If we believe that this information (or parts of it) is incorrect, we reserve the right to terminate the account and refuse use of the Website, present or future.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your login details are secure. You are the only person who is responsible for what happens on your account. If you suspect that your login details have been stolen and misused, you must notify us immediately.

Sharing of account/login details is strictly forbidden. It can be identified easily if login details are used by more than one account, so is not worth the risk.

Privacy Policy

The use of this Website and personal data entered on it is guided by the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Pricing & Availability

Prices are valid at the time of going online. We reserve the right to discontinue any digital or physical product or service provided either on the Website or through our business, paid or free, without prior notice or giving any reasons. We also reserve the right to change a price for any product, change or cancel offers without prior notice or giving any reasons. If we cannot honour the offer or supply a product for any reason, you will be promptly issued with a 100% refund. Prices and information are updated from time to time, and can change any time.

Payment, Provision of Services & Supply of Products

All outstanding payment must be made before the issue of the Certificate of Completion. If you are paying by instalment, you agree to pay promptly in accordance with the Credit Agreement, irrespective of the speed of your studies.

The Service will start and the Product will be supplied after the Payment has been made in full or as agreed otherwise.

Satisfaction Guarantee Disclaimer

We do not guarantee 100% satisfaction with the Website Content. You have the right to cancel the purchase within 5 days. We make every effort to ensure that the Website Content is of the best possible quality. However, opinions and attitudes differ, and to fulfil such a 100% guarantee would be impossible. If you have any feedback or grievances, we urge you to get in touch with us and express them in writing, in a polite and constructive way. We will do everything possible to make corrections and amendments where possible.

We do everything possible to ensure that our Website, its associated forums and message boards are free from errors and incorrect information. However, we cannot guarantee that the Website or our communication with the User will always be free from errors and incorrect information. However, we can guarantee that none of the errors or incorrect information will be made or posted by us intentionally.

We urge you to let us know about any such errors or statements made by us or other users, should you notice them.
We have no obligation whatsoever to monitor content on interactive forums and message boards. This means that we cannot be held responsible for information posted by other users on the Website, associated forums and message boards.

Unauthorised & Malicious Use of Website & Data

Any unauthorised and malicious use of this Website and Website Data constitutes violation of this agreement and may be subject to legal action. You have no permission to post abusive, obscene, racist, homophobic, offensive to religious and faith groups, indecent, defamatory, pornographic, threatening and illegal material and information on the website, its forums and other interactive parts of it.

You are not permitted to:

1. Collect from the Website and associated documents and use in your own commercial or non-commercial interests any data about other Website Users. This includes but is not limited to User names and email addresses.
2. Use this Website to transmit any information which infringes upon the privacy of other Users.
3. Transmit any code, software or programs which aim to collect information or infect the Website with a virus.
4. Use the Website to advertise other services or products.
5. Use the Website to insight hatred or illegal activities.
6. Use the Website to impersonate any entity.
7. Restrict others from using the website.
8. Engage in harassment and other illegal activities against the Users or Website Owners.
9. Use this Website to transmit information which you are not permitted to post in accordance with the Website rules.

Linking to the Website

While you are allowed to link to the Website URL, deep linking is not allowed, unless it leads to a sales page or information with unrestricted data. Users are not allowed to link to the Website using links from the Member area.
Users are not allowed to frame or inline link any content of the Website, or suggest that we endorse any of the 3rd party products or services.

Product/ Service Description, Prices & Availability

We aim to give correct description of the Products and Services available from the Website. However, there may be occasional discrepancies. If this happens, we will aim to correct our mistake as soon as possible, or reimburse you for a service if it has been described incorrectly and is therefore not available.

We may change prices for our Products and Services at any time without prior notice.

We reserve the right to change prices for our Products and Services at any time, without prior or any other kind of notice.

We reserve the right to remove special offers and promotions at any time, without prior or any other kind of notice.

We reserve the right to discontinue selling a Product or Service without prior or any other kind of notice. We reserve the right to remove it from the website at any time. Should any of our Courses be removed from the Website, Students/Users will qualify for a full refund of the fees already paid if they are within the 6-months’ period from the day of making the full or initial payment for the course.

Limitation of Liability

We limit our liability for any direct or indirect damage, including any damages arising out of the breach of these Terms, to the value of the User’s current purchase or subscription. We accept no liability for any other direct or indirect damages arising from the use of this Website, Content, information on associated forums/message boards or Products purchased from us.

We accept no responsibility for the damages resulting from the use of digital or physical Products purchased through or from us.
Our total responsibility to you for any damages, foreseeable or otherwise, resulting from the use of the Website, its Content and Services, online or offline activities, as well as Products purchased through us, shall be limited by the total amount of the purchase price or subscription fee.

In case conditions of these Terms are found to not strictly adhere to the Unfair Contract Act, such conditions will be removed from the Terms and shall not affect validity and enforceability of the other terms and conditions within these Terms.
In case any party to these Terms fails to exercise any right or remedy contained herein, this shall not be regarded as a waiver of that right or remedy.

Unless stated otherwise, the content of these Terms supersedes any other statements, documents, declarations or correspondence in digital or physical form between the Website/ Business Owner and the User.

Third Party

This Agreement is between you, the User, and the Website. Nothing in this Agreement confers any rights, directly or indirectly, to any 3rd party.

Communication & Contact

Contact with the Website Owners shall be made by email – to support@purenaturecures.com, through the Website contact form, or by post – to Pure Nature Cures, 6 Lower Strand, London NW9 5YY, UK. Unless postal communication has been sent by recorded delivery, their receipt cannot be verified, so if you are posting important information or a high value item, make sure that it is sent by recorded delivery and insured where appropriate.

Email communication may not always arrive due to spam filters on an email server or for other reasons we have no control over. In this case, if you do not hear from us for 3 days after sending an email, please re-send it from a different email address, or using the contact form on the Website.

We will aim to reply to you within 2 working days from receiving electronic message, and post our reply to you within 2 working days from the date we have received it.

Applicable Law & Legislation

The Terms of this Agreement are governed by the Law of England and Wales. You and the Website Owner agree to submit to the Jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.
By using this Website, information and Products, either obtained for free or sold to you by the Business, you agree to comply with the Terms of this Agreement.

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