Therapists: How to Proceed with Your Course & Other Things You Need to Know

Congratulations on your decision to invest in your future and develop your career prospects by joining us. We hope that you find the course which you are about to study both practical and educational, and most of all – of use to your present and future clients. Here are a few things which we think you need to remember (even though many of them have already been mentioned before you have enrolled):

1. The course is being taught mainly online, with an offline module offered at an extra charge to those who can attend it. We realise that some of our students live far away from London where we are based, and it is totally up to you if you can make the trip.

2. To complete most of our courses, you will need to buy equipment (in some cases it is a far-infrared blanket, in others, it is stones and heater, or cups) and materials to do the treatments with (clays, magnesium salt, zeolite, etc). We have sourced our own suppliers, and you will be offered an opportunity to buy through us. However, you can do your own research and find your own suppliers.

3. To start with, you will need to study online modules and complete quizzes after each unit (where applicable). Most quizzes are quite simple, in the “true” or “false” question format. If you read the unit for the module carefully, you will be able to complete the quizzes in no time. The quizzes are there to simply help you learn and remember what you have learned.

4. Most courses have an assignment to complete. Just do it and submit it online, for appraisal.

5. After you have completed the online modules, you will need to start doing case studies. You will find requirements for case studies in the “Case Studies” module. Being a therapist, you probably know that case studies are there to help you learn and develop practical skills, and ask questions while you learn. Once you have completed your case studies, you will be able to submit them online for appraisal.

6. Once the quizzes, case studies and the final test have been completed and submitted, you will get your Certificate of Completion. The requirement for final test completion is 70%.

7. As a student, you qualify for online and offline support, by email, telephone or Skype. If you need to speak with us, please fill in the contact form, so that we can arrange a time for a conversation. We will get in touch as soon as possible. We aim to reply to our students within 24 hours.

8. UK/ Northern Ireland graduates (this applies to therapists who have relevant qualifications before enrolling on the course) will qualify for insurance with Holistic Insurance (, in order to be able to practise newly learned skills on clients. If you are currently insured with another insurance provider, please let them know that you studied with a course provider who was covered as a teaching facility by Holistic Insurance Ltd. We can supply the letter for you if required.

9. All graduates will be offered automatic lifetime membership with the Association of Mineral & Spa Therapists.

Please remember that whatever your question, we are here to help you.