Pure NatAbouture Cures School of Mineral & Spa Therapies was founded by Galina St George – a Natural Health and Beauty Practitioner with many years of experience. She was trained at various schools and colleges in London, UK, in all the therapies listed on this website.

Galina has been researching therapeutic benefits of muds, salts and clays for nearly a decade, and has developed therapies based on them. Several of the treatments are focused on combining healing properties of Far Infrared energy with magnesium and other salts, mud clays and other minerals. There are also therapies where mineral absorption and interaction with the body is facilitated by using suction cups and hot stones.

The aim of the courses is to show to both therapists and members of the public how salts, muds and clays can be used to promote health, restore youth and vitality. Minerals are the most basic substances which are also most abundant in nature. It is for us to learn to use them to our advantage.

The courses are taught mostly online, with an offline module offered to those who can attend it. All students who have completed the course they have enrolled on are issued with a certificate upon completion of all the course units, quizzes, assignments and case studies (where applicable).

Studying our courses is a way of empowering oneself to take charge of own health and vitality. Not only our courses teach how to perform a treatment, but also a lot of background information about the problems which they aim to address.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions, or would like to enroll on a course.