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My name is Galina St George. I am a Natural Health & Beauty Practitioner, Life Coach, course provider, blogger and author. I am currently practising complementary therapies and coaching clients in Central and North West London.

I started learning about natural health in 1999 and am still learning. I offer the following treatments to my clients:

  1. Holistic Massage which I love giving and which I have been doing for almost 2 decades.
  2. Reflexology – a wonderful therapy that I love receiving as much as I love giving.
  3. Indian Head Massage – a treatment that can alleviate stress, tension and aches within minutes, wherever you are.
  4. Sports/ Remedial Massage – they are the same thing because the techniques used in one can be applied to another. It’s a more robust treatment, with deeper techniques being used than in Holistic massage. The results are more flexible muscles, joints, less muscle tension and pain. This treatment addresses both long-standing issues and recent ones.
  5. Cupping – I love this treatment. It can be a bit painful (especially with hot cupping) but curiously satisfying. Cupping has been used for thousands of years to relieve all sorts of issues – stagnant energy, respiratory problems, poor blood circulation, muscle pain and more. Cold cupping is less extreme and is suitable for most.
  6. Hot Stone Therapy – this amazingly relaxing and soothing treatment works wonders both for a stressed mind and achy body. The heat of the stones adds to its many benefits.
  7. Rejuvenating mineral beauty facials. As a qualified Beauty Therapist, I used to offer traditional facials. Since I started focusing on minerals, I have added my own twist to the treatment by using magnesium, seaweed and clays to promote remineralisation and rejuvenation of the skin and underlying tissues. The treatment is thoroughly relaxing and deeply therapeutic. Magnesium helps to relax the muscles, clay draws toxins out of the skin and seaweed nourishes it with the nutrients it needs. It’s a truly holistic treatment that brings visible results for most of my clients.
  8. Nutrition Coaching – having taken 2 holistic nutrition courses and studying two more at the moment, I can help you build your nutrition plan based on your dietary preferences. Coaching is a collaboration where a coach is simply a sounding board for the coachee’s thoughts and ideas.
  9. Stress Coaching – similar to nutrition coaching, this is a way for you to get a grip on your own challenges with someone to challenge you, help you create a plan for moving forward and to give you feedback on your progress.
  10. Clinical Hypnotherapy – having taken the course a few years ago, I am now refreshing my skills and knowledge in this wonderful therapy in order to restart the practice after a long break.
  11. Far Infrared Minerals Wraps (Magnesium, Weight Loss, Rejuvenating, Pain & Stress Relief) – these are the therapies I have developed myself. I offer both these treatments and courses based on them (more on this later).

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Far Infrared Magnesium Wrap

Mineral healing – a passion I brought from Russia

In 2002 I went to see my family in Russia and once there, I saw a bag of what I thought was a small bag of cement on my mum’s window sill. I laughed and asked what cement was doing in her kitchen. it was her turn to laugh when she said that it wasn’t cement but a rather precious mineral called Blue Cambrian clay and that it had a story behind it.

The guy who first discovered the quarry of this clay in the area where they lived was using it to treat his sick wife for cancer. He would go to the quarry, dig up some clay and bring it home to his wife. She did go through a medical treatment but he wanted to make sure that she recovered fully. According to the story, I was told, she went into remission.

I am in no way suggesting that clay should be used to treat cancer. However, the story sparked my curiosity and I started reading about clay. I found a huge amount of information which got me really excited.

I learned that people and animals had been using clay since the beginning of life on Earth. In fact, there is even a theory that clay was instrumental to the beginning of life on Earth. I write about it in one of my books – “How Clays Work” which you can pick up on Amazon.

How Clays Work Book Cover

I also learned that clays were taken on long military marches by Alexander the Great’s soldiers to help them heal wounds, stop stomach problems, prevent food poisoning and diarrhoea and also stave off hunger (yes, they ate clay!). Many centuries later, during World War I, Russian and French soldiers were issued with clay rations for the same reason. Humble clay saved many soldiers’ lives and limbs.

I later became interested in magnesium, Himalayan and sea salt and how they were helping us heal. I even started a blog about magnesium where you can find over 100 posts about the wonderful health properties of this mineral and its salts and what they can do for you.

I learned so many other things which I simply had to record and share. I later wrote a book – Earth’s Humble Healers. In it, I talk about all the minerals I’ve learned about, how they are being used to help us heal and the many creative ways they can be used for this.

Earth's Humble Healers

In 2012, decided to try using minerals in combination with Far Infrared, and the results were astounding, to say the least. Not only were my clients reporting a feeling of profound relaxation while having these treatments, but they also were telling me that the results were long-lasting, bringing the feeling of previously unknown lightness – both physical and mental like a big load has been thrown off the shoulders. I must say, I always precede the wrap with massage, but even so – this feeling of lightness was special as I was being told.

So my next step was to teach others to do what I’d learned myself, and I started putting the courses together. The aim of the courses is to show both to therapists and members of the public how salts, muds and clays can be used to promote health, restore youth and vitality. Minerals are the most basic substances which are also most abundant in nature. It is for us to learn to use them to our advantage.

The courses are taught mostly online, with an offline module offered to those who can attend it. All students who have completed the course they have enrolled on are issued with a certificate upon completion of all the course units, quizzes, assignments and case studies (where applicable).

Studying these courses is a way of empowering yourself to take charge of your health and vitality. Not only will you learn how to perform the treatments but you will also find out a lot of background information about the problems they aim to address.

I have recently decided to put the main syllabus of the courses into books – to help you decide if you want to study them further in order to get certified. The books are available on Amazon (just click on the books below) and on this website as PDFs.

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Five of our courses are now available as books on Amazon and Google Play/ Google Reads. They contain the modules and units but not the quizzes and do not lead to assessment and certification:

Far Infrared Magnesium Wrap Course Cover

Far Infared Mineral Weight Loss Wrap Course Cover

Far Infared Clay Detox Wrap Course Cover

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Course Cover

Far Infrared Seaweed Wrap Course

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