1. How can I enroll on a course?


1. Go to the Courses page. Click on the link of the course you would like to enrol on. You will find information about the course on the page. There is an “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of each page you are taken to. Click on the “Add to Cart” button. You will be taken to PayPal. Having made the payment, you will be taken back to our website where you will need to register by entering your details, and create the login and password. Please make note of the login details, and don’t share them with anyone.


2. What is included in the paid course?


The paid course includes lifetime access to the course, modules, quizzes, a practical assignment, instructions on how to proceed with the studies, certificate on completion of the course, 20% lifetime discount on the products you buy through us, online support, telephone support during the studies, membership of the Association of Mineral & Spa Therapists, membership of the Facebook group, webinars, a discount on the practical module, a discount on the far infrared blanket purchase through us. Qualified therapists in the UK and Northern Ireland will be able to apply for professional insurance with www.HolisticInsurance.co.uk.


3. What happens after I have enrolled?


After you have enrolled, you will receive an email with the instructions on how to proceed with the course. Follow the instructions, and if you still have questions after reading the instructions, please get in touch with us.


4. Is there a time limit?


You will have lifetime access to the course. However, to receive the best support from us as a student, you will need to complete the course within 6 months from the enrolment date. If you need more time, please get in touch with us.


5. Will I get a certificate?


You will receive a certificate after you have completed all the modules, quizzes, assignments, case studies and the final quiz, where applicable.


6. Will I be able to practise as a therapist after I have completed the course?


Therapists will be qualified to practise on paying clients. Please organise your professional insurance. Qualified Therapists in the UK and Northern Ireland will qualify for professional insurance with www.holisticinsurance.co.uk who insure our establishment. Holistic Insurance require that therapists are qualified in Level 3 A&P and recognised Body Massage qualification for our body treatment courses, and Face Massage for the face treatment courses. Non-UK/Northern Ireland based therapists will need to make own enquiries and arrangements with local professional insurance providers.


7. Can I still study the course if I am not a therapist?


Yes, you can study the course even if you are not a qualified therapist. In this case you will be able to do the treatment on yourself, consenting friends and family members. We advise against treating paying clients, since you will not be covered by professional insurance (unless you have made own arrangements with local insurance providers).


8. How do I complete the quizzes and assignments?


Most modules have 2-4 units in them. Almost every unit in the module is followed by a quiz. Most quizzes are in the “true” and “false” format. Answer the questions in the quiz, and move on to another unit or module.


9. Do I have to complete case studies?


Yes, you do if you would like to receive a certificate of completion. If not, then you don’t need to. However, we recommend that you do, for your own benefit.


10. Is there a final test at the end of the course?


Yes, there is. It is in the electronic format, and you will need to answer 70% of questions correctly to pass it.


11. What qualification will I receive?


Therapists will receive a qualification which will read: Mineral & Spa Therapist, followed by the name of the course.

Members of the public will receive a Certificate of Completion with their name, name of the course, date of completion, and the organisation which has issued the certificate (School of Mineral & Spa Therapies).


12. Will I be able to apply for professional insurance after I have received my certificate?


Please see the answer to question 7.


13. What kind of support will I receive?


While you study, you will receive telephone and email support, as well as support through skype and Facebook group. Once you have finished the studies, support will mainly be provided by email and on Facebook.


14. How many CPD (continued professional development) points will I receive?


Most professional organisations allow self-assessments in terms of awarding CPD points. So therapists can award themselves CPD points based on the activities undertaken during the year. You will need to check with your professional organisation how many points are awarded for a studying a course leading to a professional qualification.


15. Can I get insured as a therapist if I am outside the UK?


You will need to make enquiries with local insurance providers.


16. Will I need to buy any products or equipment in order to complete the course?


If you are studying for a qualification leading to professional certification, you will need to complete case studies, which means that you will need to purchase products and equipment required for the treatment you are studying. We offer products at discounted prices for our students (20% lifetime discount). However, you are not obliged to buy from us. There are plenty of suppliers online. Just make sure that you buy good quality products and equipment.


17. Will I gain membership of a professional organisation after completing the course?


Yes, after you have completed the course, you will qualify for free lifetime membership of the Association of Mineral & Spa Therapists. Non-therapists will qualify for associate membership, and therapists will qualify for full membership.


18. Is there a support group to join after I have completed the course?


All students qualify to join our Facebook support group.


19. Can I receive a refund if I decide that the course is not for me?


Our courses qualify for a 30-day refund. Please email us explaining the reason for your cancellation, and we will process the refund.


20. Is there a payment plan?


We offer a payment plan for our courses of $297 and over in value. Please enquire for details.


21. How can I contact you?


Please use the contact us form on this website, or email us at support @ purenaturecures . com.