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Are you a Natural Health or Beauty Practitioner and would like to get qualified as a Mineral & Spa Therapist, to be able to help your clients relieve aches, pains, detoxify, lose weight, rejuvenate? Or perhaps you would simply like to help yourself, family and friends?

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Far Infrared Magnesium Pain & Health Management Wrap Course – learn how to provide a fast-acting, very effective, thoroughly relaxing and pleasant natural solution to back pain, aching muscles and joints, problems connected with magnesium deficiency.

Far Infrared Mineral Weight Loss Wrap Course – learn how to achieve weight loss through detox and magnesium supplementation, combined with deeply penetrating but mild heat of far infrared rays.

Far Infared Mineral Weight Loss Wrap Course CoverFar Infrared Clay Detox Wrap – learn how to improve health and vitality through transdermal detoxification using clay, Epsom Salt and deeply penetrating but mild heat of far infrared rays.

Far Infared Clay Detox Wrap Course CoverFar Infrared Remineralising & Rejuvenating Seaweed Wrap – learn how to slow down ageing using rejuvenating and detoxifying properties of seaweed, clay, and deeply penetrating but mild heat of far infrared.Far Infrared Seaweed Wrap CourseTransdermal Magnesium Therapy – learn about uses and applications of magnesium salts to improve health, rejuvenate and help with many health conditions. The course covers a variety of applications of magnesium salts.

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Earth’s Humble Healers

In this book, I write about a wide range of minerals including salts, muds, clays, zeolite and diatomaceous earth. It is meant to give you a better understanding of how minerals work and how they have helped millions of people over the centuries.

But the main purpose of the book is to show how minerals help with numerous health conditions. Transdermal applications of magnesium salts can help with muscle and joint pain. Clay has been researched to have powerful antibacterial properties. Zeolite has been used to remove heavy metals out of the body. The Dead Sea mud is used to treat eczema.

Reading this book can help you learn about the healing properties of the substances many people know little about. Earth's Humble Healers Book Cover

How Clays Work – Science & Applications of Clays in Health & Beauty

Having worked with clays for many years, I decided to look into what made them powerful healers. After all, people and animals have been using clays’ healing properties since pre-historic times. So I started researching the science of clays. I found out so much interesting information that I decided to write a book about it.

Clays have a lot of properties many people know nothing about. They have been researched to kill the most stubborn bacteria – MRSA. They show interesting results when used against other dangerous bacteria and fungi. They attract remove toxins, including heavy metals.

Therapeutic properties of clays and clay-like minerals are still poorly researched, and this book gives you a detailed insight into this humble but very powerful natural healer.

How Clays Work Book Cover

Magnesium at Home

Magnesium has always been my favourite mineral. One reason is its versatility regarding the number of issues it can help with. It has certainly helped me, my family, friends and clients in many ways. Joint pain, loss of energy, frequent infections, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, insomnia, stressed mind, leg cramps, tired aching feet, stomach cramps, constipation, wrinkles, chest pain, skin outbreaks and many other problems have been helped by using magnesium.

In this book, I have listed 25 common problems which will benefit from magnesium supplementation. It covers the most common issues a lot of people face at least once in their life. While I talk about oral supplementation in this book, my focus is on how to supplement magnesium transdermally – through the skin.

Magnesium at Home Book Cover

Mineral Healing Recipe Book

This guide is an overview of how minerals can be used in everyday life – to address common health problems, deal with pain and anxiety, improve skin condition, rejuvenate, boost metabolism and weight loss, and so much more.

It also shows how salts, muds, clays, zeolite and diatomaceous earth can help pets, larger animals, improve the health of plants in the garden, deal with insects in a safe way and do so many other very useful things that medicines and chemicals cannot compete with in terms of health side-effects and environmental protection.

Mineral Healing Recipe Book Cover

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