Far Infrared Mineral Wraps

Far Infrared Mineral Wraps

Far Infrared Mineral WrapsFar Infrared Mineral Wraps involve a range of treatments we have developed ourselves. They are part of the mineral-based therapies we both practise and teach our students. The wraps involve using salts, muds, clays on the one hand, and far infrared heat, hot stones, suction cups and other products and materials.

What We Use in Far Infrared Mineral Wraps

Minerals are precursors of life on Earth. All organic matter owes its existence to volcanic activities which took place billions of years ago. There is a theory that it was clay that participated in forming first organic molecules.

Clays have a very potent property to remove toxins out of the environment they are in contact with, thanks to an interesting and very powerful property called cation exchange. This is why clays are so good not only for cosmetic procedures but also to absorb toxins, including heavy metals.

Salts play a major role in our body. When electrolytes are out of balance, we get cramps, our blood pressure becomes too high or too low, and we can suffer from heart palpitations and many other unpleasant and dangerous symptoms. This is why it is important to ensure that our minerals are in balance at all times.

Salts are absorbed by the body easily through the skin, via the process called “osmosis”, and the body only takes what it needs. The most popular mineral salts are magnesium-based: magnesium chloride and magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt). Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt and sodium bicarbonate have their own very important properties. These can be used for healing and health maintenance.

  • Sodium bicarbonate helps to raise body pH. This, in turn, helps to maintain cell integrity and healthy environment for the body.
  • Himalayan salt is sodium-chloride based mineral. It includes about 80 macro and microelements needed for us to survive.
  • Dead Sea salt is also very rich in minerals, especially magnesium. This is the reason why so many spas and resorts use Dea Sea salt for healing.

Zeolite & diatomaceous earth

These two minerals have fantastic toxin-absorbing effects. Zeolite especially has a high cation exchange rate. This is the main reason for its ability to absorb especially heavy metals. Diatomaceous earth is also an active toxin-drawing substance which is very rich in silica. We use both minerals in our Far Infrared Mineral Wraps since the skin has an ability to absorb what it needs and release what it doesn’t.

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