Far-Infrared Mineral Wraps

Far Infrared Mineral Wraps
Far Infrared Mineral Wraps

Minerals are precursors of life on earth and are the basic building blocks of all inorganic and organic matter. Our body is a virtual ocean, containing about 60 chemical elements, 25 of which are thought to play an active part in body processes. However, not all the chemical elements are needed, and some – like mercury, caesium, cadmium – are highly toxic, and others – like plutonium, vanadium, radium, polonium – are radioactive.

Fortunately, normally our bodies contain only trace amounts of toxic and radioactive chemicals. This is where clays become so useful, with their detoxifying power, which works through absorption and cation exchange. Based on years of research into the powers of mineral healing, we have developed a range of mineral-based treatments – we call them Mineral Therapies.

Our Clay Detox Wraps address heavy metal and other types of body toxicity and are thoroughly healing. Clays have a very potent property to remove toxins out of the environment they are in contact with, thanks to an interesting and very useful property called cation exchange.

Salts form a big part of the mineral group. Most used salts in natural treatments are sodium or magnesium-based. They are absorbed by the body easily, via the process called “osmosis”, and the body only takes what it needs. The most popular mineral salts are magnesium-based: magnesium chloride and magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt).

We use magnesium oil (magnesium chloride solution) in our Magnesium wraps and Magnesium Oil Massage. Both procedures are thoroughly relaxing and have a large list of therapeutic benefits which come with magnesium supplementation and mind and body relaxation.

We also offer Mineral Weight Loss Wraps which work by stimulating the body cells and freeing them of toxins, while relaxing the body and replenishing it quickly with magnesium. The wraps work best in conjunction with a healthy nutrition regime and exercise, and for the best effect, at least 4 wrap treatments need to be booked.

Here is the full list of Mineral Therapy courses we offer:

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